Automating Social Media posts

How to automate posts to social media accounts

Autochartist content can be automatically posted to social media accounts. This automation can be done by either (a) consuming the Autochartist API and writing your own social media connectors, or, by (b) using our existing Zapier connector.
This article does not discuss method (a). We will focus on method (b) with Zapier.

Note: Our Autochartist Zap is accessible by invitation only. Please request access by sending an email to

In this article we will build a multi-step Zap that will post an Autochartist market event to both Twitter and Facebook. Here are the Zapier steps that we will achieve by the end of this article:

Step 1: Start a new ZAP and choose the latest version of the Autochartist Zap App as the trigger as in the image below. If you do not find the Autochartist Zap App in your selection of trigger applications, please email for access; it is by invitation only.

Step 2: Select “New Trades”. This will trigger one one trade, 3x per day

Step 3: Use an existing Autochartist connection, or click on “Connect Account” to connect a new Autochartist account:

Use the BrokerID and Client Key provided to you in the onboarding pack you received when you signed up for the Autochartist service.

Step 4: Select the report and language from which you would like to extract a trade to use in your post.

Once selected, move through the testing phase of the trigger until you are required to select an action step.

Step 5: Before we post the message to Twitter, we need to ensure that we truncate the text of our post to be within Twitter’s character limits. So we will select the Formatter action

and select the “Text” option for this formatter:

Step 6: Select the Truncate option in the Transform dropdown, select the text you wish to send in your Tweet, and set the Max Length to 280. Note that you can add whatever text you like in the Input field along with the field selection from the dropdown menu. In below example I have chosen to Tweet the company name, the type of event that occurred, along with that has tags @Autochartist #NYSE.

After a successful testing step, click the “Add Step” button as shown in the image below:

Step 7: Select Twitter as an action step:

and select “Create Image Tweet” as the action:

Step 8: At this point you will need to allow Zapier to access your Twitter account. If you have never allowed this access before then you will need to “Connect Account” and allow access.

If you have previously connected Zapier and Twitter then simply select the connection you would like to use.

Step 9: This step requires you to select the message and image you want to sent to Twitter.

For the Message field we will NOT use the fields from the Autochartist trigger, but rather use the output of the Formatter we used so that we do not exceed to 280 character limit.

For the Image field, select the “Chart” field from the Autochartist Trigger

Insure that the Shorten URLs field is set to Yes, as follows

Once selected, move through the testing steps and click “Add Step” when prompted to do so.

Step 10: Select “Facebook Pages” for the next action step. NOTE: do NOT select “Facebook”. In Zapier, the term “Facebook” refers to a personal Facebook page, while “Facebook Pages” refers to company pages.

Select “Page Photo” as the action

and step through selection/authentication of your Facebook account.

Step 11: Select the fields and message you would like to post to Facebook

and click through the testing steps.

Final Step: Turn on your ZAP

Congratulations! Now sit back, relax, and watch Autochartist do all your social media posting for you!