IFraming the News Event Trading Service (NETS)

News Event Trading Service (NETS) 

Request authentication 

All requests must be authenticated by passing along an MD5 authentication token.The 403 HTTP status code is returned when authentication has failed (due to unauthorized access to a resource). 

The following HTTP url parameters are required and should be sent with every request for authentication: 

  •  broker_id – broker id.
  • user – username.
  • token – the generated token(md5(<username>|<account_type><secret>)).
  • expire – for when a token will expire. A new token will be required to authenticate future requests.

Web Application configuration 

The following optional parameters can be provided to configure the web app directly via the URL parameters: 

  • locale – adjust display language. Browser language preference will be used if not specified. The following locales are supported: 

ar Arabic, de German, es Spanish, fr French, hu Hungarian, it Italian, jp Japanese, ko Korean, pt Portuguese, ru Russain, sv Swedish, zh Chinese 

  • timezone – adjust time zone settings. If not specified, the browser’s default will be used. All time zones from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones are supported. 
  • css – CSS stylesheet URL for switching to a custom css file. 

Example URL: /eia?locale=en_GB&timezone=Africa/Johannesburg&css=styles/cyborg.css