Security token generation

How to generate an Autochartist security token

When embedding Autochartist content, you will be required to generate a security token. The token is of the form:


UserID – unique identifier of the user for which you are generating the token
AccountType – 0 = LIVE, 1 = DEMO
Expiry – Unix timestamp of when this token will expire
SecretKey – the secret key provided to you during your onboarding process


  1. The value of the UserID, AccountType and Expiry parameters need to match the values used in the URL in which the token is being used
  2. Note the ‘|’ (Pipe) character before and after the AccountType parameter

Here is some example code in PHP code:


   $expiryDate = time() + (3 * 24 * 60 * 60);
$userid = “userid”;
$accountType = “0”;
$secretKey = “secretkey”;
$token = md5(“${userid}|${accountType}|${expiryDate}${secretKey }”);
echo $token;