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Introduce your traders to Big Movement, Chart Patterns and Horizontal Levels

After 4 weeks send a communication that expands the trader’s knowledge about different trade setup...

Send traders educational videos about Volatility Analysis and/or MT4 Risk Calculator

After 2 weeks most traders may be struggling with risk management and setting stop losses Hi ther...

After a week on a Demo account, create a sense of “missing out”

After a week on a demo account you need to convert traders to open a LIVE account. Hi there, I...

Example messages for new Demo account signups

Demo accounts need a way to get trading quickly. Here are example messages for new Demo account si...

E-Book 1 – Making Discipline a Habit (English/Russian)

Our ebook "making discipline a habit" (English/Russian)

E-Book 2 – “Trading Tips” (English/Russian)

eBook 2 - "Trading Tips" (English/Russian)

Application Icons

Autochartist Icons

Ilan Azbel – CEO. Biography and Images

Official images and biography of our CEO, Ilan Azbel Biography  As one of the original founder...

Product and Feature Images

A selection of images of our products and its features ...

Intro Mailers

Samples of mailers to help introduce Autochartist to traders Intro Mailer 1 Intro Mailer 2